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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is made to resemble stone and ceramic tiles but has a durable and affordable vinyl construction. LVT can be so realistic that it is difficult to tell it apart from regular ceramic or stone tile. Luxury Vinyl Tile even features colors and surface texture that mimics the real thing. Couple that with realistic visuals and your flooring will look far more authentic and expensive than it really is.


We Have the Best Personal Services in the Area

Warehouse Direct is the local leader in LVT flooring. We give you expert service for any type of LVT you desire at the lowest cost possible. The textures, colors and patterns of LVT are delightful, and you'll most certainly find an LVT product that goes with the natural decor of your home. Because it is vinyl based, LVT works in places where other flooring won't. Please enjoy a visit to our portfolio page to see the beauty and the installation you can expect from Warehouse Direct Flooring.

There Are Two Types Of Luxury Vinyl Tile: SPC and WPC

When it comes to choosing the perfect LVT flooring, understanding the differences between SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) and WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) is crucial. Both options are renowned for their water-resistant features, making them ideal for most rooms in a home. SPC, being a newer product, boasts a signature rigid core that is virtually indestructible, offering increased durability and performance closer to natural stone and tile. On the other hand, WPC, the progenitor of LVT flooring, features a waterproof core that provides both comfort and functionality. The distinction lies in their cores – SPC utilizes a Stone Polymer Composite for added stiffness and durability, while WPC incorporates a Wood-Plastic Composite with a foaming agent for enhanced resilience and comfort. Understanding the pros and cons, the layered construction, and factors like cost, durability, and comfort can guide you in making an informed decision between SPC and WPC vinyl flooring.


SPC flooring, with its unique core composition of approximately 60% limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers, offers unparalleled resilience and near complete waterproofing. The higher density of the SPC core makes it exceptionally durable, resisting scratches and dents with ease. Its rigid composition ensures stability, especially in high-traffic areas, and it's less susceptible to expansion in extreme temperature changes. Additionally, SPC tends to be more budget-friendly than WPC, making it a cost-effective choice without compromising on performance.


WPC, with its core composition including polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, and wood-like materials, delivers exceptional durability with a touch of comfort. While both SPC and WPC share design versatility, WPC takes the lead in comfort underfoot, thanks to the foaming agent in its composition. This added cushioning makes WPC ideal for spaces where one might want to walk barefoot. The foaming agent also contributes to superior sound absorption and warmth. While SPC is slightly more affordable and durable, WPC is a great choice for those concerned with warmth, comfort, and acoustics.

LVT Construction

LVT products feature a five-layer construction. The first is a UV layer that ensures easy maintenance, prevents discoloration, and has antibacterial properties. The second is a wear layer ranging from 12-30 mil depending on the product durability and use-case. Big box stores often carry products with 6 mil wear layers – you will not find those in our showroom. Third is the decorative layer, featuring a high quality image that closely mimics the desired look.


"No one will ever knock genuine stone or ceramic as a floor covering, it's beauty and function can't be questioned. But not only does LVT closely mimic the way these two materials look, in many ways it outperforms them."


Superior Performance

No one will ever knock genuine stone or ceramic as a floor covering, it's beauty and function can't be questioned. But not only does LVT closely mimic the way these two materials look, in many ways it outperforms them. Here are just a few of the reasons why

Unlike ceramic or stone, which can be difficult to clean, LVT has a vinyl base so stains, spills, and dirt wipe up just like regular vinyl flooring. Also, say goodbye to cleaning grout lines.

LVT, especially the WPC variant, is known for its warmth with every step you take on it. Stone and ceramic are generally cold to the touch with each footstep. LVT offers superior warmth, comfort, and acoustics to ceramic tile and stone.

Unlike stone or ceramic, which may crack or chip, the resilient nature of LVT means objects that might be problematic if they are dropped, will just bounce off instead of causing damage.

With stone or ceramic, professional installation can be shockingly expensive. Since LVT is a vinyl tile, it is one of the easier flooring products to install, significantly reducing the cost to put it in your home.

Repairing damaged tile can be prohibitively expensive. Since LVT usually floats on the subfloor, repairs are as simple as swapping the damaged piece out with a new one.

LVP is much less expensive than ceramic tile or stone. Your pocket book will thank you for choosing Luxury Vinyl Tile over stone or ceramic.

Easy Maintenance and Uncompromising Appearance

As with all vinyl flooring, LVT is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Even with the added benefit of reduced maintenance, you do not have to sacrifice appearance. Unless you know better, you will never guess that LVT is made of vinyl. LVT gives you the sophisticated look of high grade expensive tile flooring with a warmer feel and a greatly reduced cost.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring

LVT flooring is one of the newer advancements in the flooring industry. If you would like to learn more about LVT flooring – pros and cons, LVT vs laminate, installation costs – please contact us at Warehouse Direct Flooring. Our staff are happy to answer any of your LVT questions. Warehouse Direct Flooring has proudly served the Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley areas for nearly 40 years. Our customers’ satisfaction is our Number 1 priority.


Exciting and Lovely

LVT is one of the most exciting and lovely uses of vinyl flooring in history. It replaces many applications in which stone and ceramic tile were the standard. Luxury Vinyl Tile comes at a significantly better price than traditional tile and stone with better overall performance. While some experts may tell you that nothing can ever replace the feeling of a real tile floor, most people would be pressed to tell the difference between LVT and the genuine article.