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Bamboo flooring has been used for centuries, and there may be no more of a sustainable flooring material than bamboo. It grows quickly, harvests easily and flourishes in places where other plants won’t.


Although most people don’t readily think of eco-friendly bamboo as a hardwood, consider this:

  • Bamboo is 13% harder than maple
  • Bamboo is 27% harder than red oak
  • Bamboo has an exotic and lovely hardwood grain pattern that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Bamboo lasts longer and can take more abuse than regular hardwood floors

Our eco-friendly Bamboo flooring is made by compressing bamboo fibers under heat and pressure. Doing this makes a superior flooring material that repels water, and it is both mildew and insect resistant as well. If you have kids and still want an eco-friendly hardwood flooring option, it would be perfect for those kid inspired high-traffic homes, being able to resist abuse that other flooring wouldn’t.

Bamboo is becoming one of the most popular sustainable flooring options, because of its durability, environmental friendliness and its beauty.


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