What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring is crafted to emulate the elegance of stone and ceramic tiles while offering a durable and budget-friendly vinyl construction. The realism of LVT is so striking that distinguishing it from traditional ceramic or stone becomes challenging. With color variations and surface textures mirroring the authentic look, LVT presents an affordable flooring solution that appears both genuine and expensive.

At Warehouse Direct, we take pride in being the local leader in LVT flooring, providing expert services for various LVT options at the most competitive prices. The delightful textures, colors, and patterns of LVT ensure you’ll find a product that complements the natural decor of your home. Explore our portfolio to witness the beauty and quality installations you can expect from Warehouse Direct Flooring.

There are two main types of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring: SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) and WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite). Understanding the differences between them is crucial for choosing the perfect LVT flooring. 

Both SPC and WPC are celebrated for their water-resistant features, suitable for most rooms in a home. SPC, being a newer product, boasts a rigid core for enhanced durability, closely resembling natural stone and tile. WPC, the progenitor of LVT flooring, features a waterproof core that combines comfort and functionality. The choice between SPC and WPC involves factors like cost, durability, and comfort, guiding homeowners to an informed decision.

Performance-wise, LVT not only closely mimics the appearance of genuine stone or ceramic but often outperforms them. Some notable advantages include ease of cleaning, warmth underfoot, resilience to impact, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike ceramic or stone, LVT has a vinyl base, making stains, spills, and dirt easy to clean without the challenge of grout lines. 

LVT, especially the WPC variant, provides warmth and comfort, surpassing the cold touch of stone or ceramic. Its resilient nature means it resists damage from dropped objects, offering superior durability. Additionally, LVT is known for its ease of installation, reducing professional installation costs compared to stone or ceramic. Repairs are simple,a technician will simply swap out damaged pieces, and the overall cost of LVT is significantly lower than traditional ceramic or stone options.

Maintaining LVT is a breeze, with easy cleaning and upkeep. Despite its vinyl composition, LVT delivers a sophisticated look comparable to high-grade expensive tile flooring, providing a warm feel at a substantially reduced cost.

LVT flooring represents an exciting and lovely evolution in vinyl flooring, replacing traditional stone and ceramic applications with improved overall performance and a more budget-friendly price. If you want to explore LVT flooring further, including pros and cons, LVT vs laminate, and installation costs, feel free to contact us at Warehouse Direct Flooring. With nearly 40 years of serving the Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley areas, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains our top priority.