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Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring, also known as Jatoba, originates from Central and South America and the West Indies. Contrary to its name, the Brazilian cherry tree is a unique member of the pea family, boasting sweet, nutrient-rich seed pods. This hardwood is celebrated for its extraordinary hardness, scoring an impressive 2,350 on the Janka scale. Its robust nature ensures resistance to dings and scratches, promising a resilient and enduring flooring solution. The heartwood showcases a captivating spectrum of salmon to orangey-brown tones, adorned with dark or reddish-brown streaks and a medium to coarse, interlocked grain texture that casts a delightful golden luster in the play of light. Despite its density posing challenges in processing, Brazilian cherry wood readily accepts stains, exhibits commendable bending properties, and stands resilient against termite threats. Designers cherish Brazilian cherry for its opulent colors and textures, making it a versatile choice to infuse warmth into spaces, be it neutral-toned sanctuaries or vibrantly hued interiors. While its water-resistant nature is appreciated, prudent caution is advised against installation in high-humidity areas like bathrooms.


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