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Ash flooring exudes warmth and character without compromising the modern aesthetic. With its light and clear color, ash wood provides a perfect backdrop for open floor plans and light-filled spaces, avoiding the risk of appearing cold or sterile. The grain pattern, reminiscent of oak but with its unique color variation, adds interest without overwhelming the room. Solid ash, renowned for its hardness and durability, scores high on the Janka hardness scale, making it resistant to scratches and dents in areas with moderate foot traffic. While newer growth ash may pose challenges in finding longer or wider planks, old-growth ash offers the allure of unique looks with random widths and lengths. Particularly well-suited for lofts and open spaces, ash’s elasticity serves as an excellent shock absorber, reducing echoing footsteps. While requiring slightly more maintenance than some exotic hardwoods, ash’s natural color eliminates the need for special stains, allowing you to revel in its contemporary charm.


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