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Douglas Fir

Douglas fir flooring has emerged as a hidden gem in the world of wood flooring, celebrated for its exquisite aesthetics, durability, and versatility. Renowned for its iconic trees, Douglas fir stands out for its stunning waves, golden tones, and uniform grain patterns, surpassing even popular hardwoods like oak and maple in natural beauty. The length of Douglas fir boards, often extended due to the towering height of the trees, adds a distinctive touch to floors, providing a softer and more uniform appearance when installed. Not only does Douglas fir exhibit remarkable strength with a high resistance to decay, making it a durable choice that can endure for generations, but it also surprises with its water-resistant properties. While not entirely waterproof, its high modulus of elasticity allows it to flex and warp when exposed to moisture, effortlessly returning to its original shape when dry. Additionally, the wood is easy to maintain and refinish, presenting a versatile solution for areas prone to discoloration. Despite its softness, which can result in easier denting and scratching, Douglas fir’s many advantages, including affordability, sustainability, and the option for reclaimed planks with rich histories, make it a compelling choice for those seeking timeless and character-rich flooring.


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