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Hickory flooring, a rising star among hardwood options, boasts exceptional durability and a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from the crowd. With a Janka rating of 1,820, it is the hardest available domestic hardwood. Hickory stands as a robust choice for high-traffic areas, offering resistance to wear and denting. Its distinct appearance, ranging from pale yellow to reddish-brown, includes captivating grain patterns, knots, and beads, creating a floor with unparalleled character. Manufacturers often utilize hickory for wide plank flooring, enhancing its rustic charm, especially when hand-scraped. The wood’s ability to absorb stains and finishes seamlessly, with over 50 shades available, allows for customizable aesthetics, appealing to a variety of design preferences. While hickory’s unique grain patterns and markings may be a standout feature for some, they may not suit everyone’s tastes. Additionally, the cost of hickory flooring can be higher than other hardwood options due to its lower supply. Overall, if you appreciate bold, distinctive looks and seek durability, hickory flooring is a compelling choice that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.


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