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Polyester is generally considered less durable than other fibers, showing signs of wear more quickly in high-traffic areas especially. However, the quality of the Polyester carpet plays a significant role – a high-grade polyester carpet may outperform a lower-grade alternative. When it comes to stain resistance, polyester excels. It is a hydrophobic fiber that naturally repels liquid, making polyester carpets a suitable choice for those seeking protection against spills. Softness is also a notable quality in polyester carpets thanks to advancements in fiber production. Cost-wise, polyester tends to be a more budget-friendly option compared to other fibers – overall, it is a great option for those prioritizing stain resistance, softness, and cost efficiency. At Warehouse Direct, we carry a broad in-stock selection of discontinued, overstock, and b-roll Polyester carpets. We also special order Polyester carpet directly from major manufacturers worldwide.


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