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Mohawk’s proprietary SmartStrand carpet fiber stands out as an eco-conscious flooring option, crafted from a DuPont polymer made in part with renewable plant-based materials. What sets it apart from traditional nylon carpets is its built-in stain resistance. Over the years, this carpet has consistently earned high praise from consumers, particularly for its cleaning efficiency and long-lasting performance. If you desire a softer feel, SmartStrand Silk offers a luxurious alternative. Despite its relatively recent introduction in 2005, the positive reviews underline its commendable attributes, making it a noteworthy choice for those who prioritize sustainability, resilience, and comfort in their flooring decisions. At Warehouse Direct, we carry a broad in-stock selection of discontinued, overstock, and b-roll SmartStrand carpets. We also special order SmartStrand directly from Mohawk.


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